Ground Protection


Heavy duty ground protection is often installed to provide temporary access routes over soft ground for heavy duty equipment, such as diggers, cranes and building equipment.


Ground protection is often also used at large events such as music concerts where ground will be subject to a large amount of footfall where damage to the ground underneath needs to be minimalised to ensure it’s long term continued use.


Installing and uninstalling most ground protection products is a physically demanding job. So, you can trust TIS to pick up or put down your protection products.


We have installed and removed many different types of ground protection products and although most of them are similar in function and performance, the same can’t be said about TIS.


Whatever the job, we go above and beyond and our customers agree.

Case Study

GroundTrax Systems – GroundTrax are the UK’s number one specialist supplier of ground protection and reinforcement systems

The problem – The end client needed 2945m² of ground protection products retrieved from the ground of a temporary carpark in a busy city center and stacked and securing them to pallets ready for collection that day. The challenge was completing this four-day job in just one day.

The solution – TIS provided the client with seven workers and a hands-on project manager taking direction from both the client and the principal contractor to deliver a safe de-rig of the product within the time allocated. Our on-site PM worked closely with the client and principal contractor to develop a plan, including reviewing the working hours possible and access to the site to enable this four-day job to be completed in one day.

“TIS are an adaptable, experienced team with all relevant site qualifications, and they provide us with hard working crew members when we need them.”

Simon Adams, Director | GroundTrax Systems

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